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This workshop is one of the most powerful/influential programs of its kind! Years of research and “experimentation” culminated in what you are about to “get your hands on.” Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you … it is highly condensed and comprehensive. Links throughout the script provide background information so that anyone who chooses to conduct this workshop for a group will be able to do so with complete confidence/understanding. Not only that ... by it's "stand alone" format, any student or individual can take this workshop on their own with no problem! We recommend giving each student a copy of the workbook that goes with the workshop, a few days before it starts (there are a couple "Before the Workshop" assignments on page 11 to do before the workshop starts).  This workbook actually contains the two handouts mentioned in the workshop, along with some handy worksheets.

If you study/learn/apply the information in this workshop, and fulfill the assignments, you will truly discover (and "unlock") the incredible potential/power of your mind! Much of this deals with determining what you want, and effectively focusing your efforts (mind) in that direction. … So … without further ado … Let’s Go and Let’s Roll! (...the only "cost" is your time and effort)

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