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"Looking into someone's eyes is not the same as looking at him. When you look at someone, your intention is to stay separate from that person, to view him while your awareness remains in your own space. That is what makes him so uncomfortable--you are seeing him, but he cannot feel you there with him. The distance between you is what might give him the sensation that he is being judged or analyzed. Looking into your lover's eyes, your intention is that the boundaries between you will temporarily dissolve, and for a moment, your souls will touch. You are looking into him, and opening yourself so he can look into you at the same time. It's as if your eyes are connected to your heart, allowing it to "see" your beloved. This is what I call the "loving gaze"...imagine a channel inside your body connecting your heart with your eyes, and visualize all the love you feel for your partner pouring up from your heart, pouring out through your eyes, flowing into the eyes of your partner and down into his heart." (from Real Moments for Lovers, by Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D)

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